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Boddam is a full custom manufacture of hand crafted Hockey and Lacrosse goalie equipment made in Canada. Pads Gloves blockers and chest protectors Uppers shin pads pants of the highest quality. Custom fit professionally made 100% canadian. 

Boddam Senior Hockey Pads

Boddam makes Hand crafted Hockey equipment made in Canada. Our pads are made with the highest quality. Custom fit and custom designs. We have achieved superior 5 hold closure with a pad that seals the ice perfectly.

Hybrid Pad

Boddam Hybrid Hockey pad
Boddam Hybrid Hockey pad
Boddam Hybrid Hockey pad
Boddam Hybrid Hockey pad
Boddam Hybrid Hockey pad
Boddam Hybrid Hockey pad

Hybrid Pad


The 2016 Pro Hybrid truly brings to life the term “Hybrid Pad”. The Fully tapered boot and rise, are key features that provide smooth unrestricted transition. Overall pad finish is very soft and plush with a “full flex boot. The locking leg wraps provide protection and stability while allowing the goalie full control over pad rotation. The wrap system is fully customizable or removable. The “Full Flex boot is a 90 degree cut that sits beautifully on the skate providing ultimate pad control. Full hand packed knee rolls can be custom finished to customer’s specs. The rolled knees offer that classic “old school” look while increasing upper pad flex.

Standard single break maximizes coverage, available in single or double break.

Essential for the Hybrid style, we offer a multi-level knee lift system. Three levels of lift customizable by the goalie. 

Technical Information

  • Soft/plush construction, super flex, mould to goalie style

  • 90 degree flex boot offer unsurpassed set up on skate

  • Tapered boot/rise maximize lateral movement

  • Adjustable/removable leg wraps for custom fit

  • Hand packed knees increasing flex and form fit properties

  • Customizable 3 level knee lift system


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we offer a wide variety of designs but feel free to create your own finish from the available design options. No idea or question is too small to ask. please call Jason or Chris or email us with your questions. At Boddam's we offer personalized service to make the best product we can for each individual. 

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