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Boddam is a full custom manufacture of hand crafted Hockey and Lacrosse goalie equipment made in Canada. Pads Gloves blockers and chest protectors Uppers shin pads pants of the highest quality. Custom fit professionally made 100% canadian. 

Boddam Senior Hockey Arm and Chest

Boddam makes Hand crafted Hockey equipment made in Canada. Our Arm and Chests are made with the highest quality. Custom fit and custom designs. With advanced arm protection. customizable by goalie. Superior overall size and optimum frontal protection. Giving you a comfortable stance feel, Maximized protection. Enhances body movement. These are our Senior Arm and Chests for Hockey 

JPB Pro Camo Upper

Boddam Senior Arm and Chest
Boddam Senior Arm and Chest
Boddam Senior Arm and Chest
Boddam Senior Arm and Chest

JPB Pro Camo Upper


The 2016 JPB Arm & Chest raises the bar in all the features found in a pro level protector. Geared toward a reactionary goalie, emphasis is on less bulk, contoured features emphasize quicker movement. The new JPB A/C has advanced arm protection with compression contoured body and forearm inserts. Increased bicep coverage extends around the arm, the forearm inserts features the ability to be tapered into the glove or stay wide for greater coverage, customizable by goalie.

The large wing floaters integrate with the oversize chest plate, providing superior overall size and optimum frontal protection. Large wing floaters feature our new adjustable/removable “air wing”. This layer can be used in multiple ways to alter protective coverage and increase sizing. Chest pad features a lower split flex belly, helping ensure precise fit, keeping you better protected. For 2016, the new JPB has increased side rib protectors.

Our side rib protectors are larger, thicker and offer more “body wrap”. We also offer an integrated air cushion which you can beef up and extend protective coverage. Customizable by the goaltender. Our multi lace arm system allows adjustability for precise fit and superior arm rotation.


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