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Boddam is a full custom manufacture of hand crafted Hockey and Lacrosse goalie equipment made in Canada. Pads Gloves blockers and chest protectors Uppers shin pads pants of the highest quality. Custom fit professionally made 100% canadian. 

Boddam Lacrosse Pants

Boddam makes Hand crafted Lacrosse equipment made in Canada.  Our Boddam Lacrosse Pants are of the highest quality, custom fit and custom designs. Supported by the NLL, NLL goalies, Lacrosse equipment, lacrosse gear, we are the official equipment supplier to the NLL

CAT 2 Lacrosse Pants


CAT 2 Lacrosse Pants


The cat 2 pant maintains the features found in our pro cat 3 design. Utilizing the same premium material we construct in our cat 3 line, you are assured years of service. Young goalies will benefit from the full double knit stretch gusset. Increased range of motion, with additional ventilation are key to the four way gusset. The floating girdle enhances movement while keeping protective components where they should stay. Frontal segments panel provides better comfort and flex when needed. Inner construction utilizing satin stretch mesh adding more air flow and quicker movement. The large beefy thigh inserts provide superior protection for young goalies. Inner side plates reduce stingers from bounce shots.

Technical Information

  • Floating girdle with increased mobility
  • Inner side plates reduce bounce shot energy
  • Fully breathable vented front/back ultra mesh
  • Upgraded inner girdle with satin stretch knit
  • Beefed up Thigh inserts maximize size and frontal protection
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