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Boddam is a full custom manufacture of hand crafted Hockey and Lacrosse goalie equipment made in Canada. Pads Gloves blockers and chest protectors Uppers shin pads pants of the highest quality. Custom fit professionally made 100% canadian. 


Busted Knuckles

Introducing the new Knux hand protectors, made to reduce hand injuries and keep you at your best. Knux gives you the confidence that your hands are safe and ensures that you can continue to train hard year after year. Train smart so you are at your best on game day.


Train Smart, Practice Hard.

We all know the intensity and high demand a lax goalie encounters. Practice is when the odds and the severity of injury increases. The importance of staying healthy and injury free is paramount for optimal play and a long career, Which is exactly what we, at Boddam want for our goalies.

The Knux hand protectors are made to limit the fierce beating and damage your hands endure during training. Wearing a pair of Boddam Knux increases your protective layers on your hands to give you more time training and less time worrying about injury. This is what were all about, let us protect you, so you can protect the net.

The Knux hand protectors have a universal fit, designed for all styles of adult gloves. Allows for your choice of stick hand or free hand. Manufactured with high end extruded Zote foam and encased in 600-D polyester, for the maximum in protection and quality. Includes a fully adjustable & detachable velcro and elastic system, to ensure precise fit over all gloves.

Let us keep your hands safe with the new Knux protectors, so all you have to worry about is making the save!

Nick Rose
Using the Boddam Knux is a no-brainer for any lacrosse goalie. We face so many more shots in practice compared to games and it would be a shame to have to miss a game or many because of a broken bone or hand. These protect the hands how they should and I’ve never felt more safe taking shots at over 100MPH. I will be using these until my playing days are over.
— Nick Rose - Toronto Rock #66