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Boddam is a full custom manufacture of hand crafted Hockey and Lacrosse goalie equipment made in Canada. Pads Gloves blockers and chest protectors Uppers shin pads pants of the highest quality. Custom fit professionally made 100% canadian. 

Boddam Junior Hockey Catchers

Boddam makes Hand crafted Hockey equipment made in Canada. Our Catchers are made with the highest quality. Custom fit and custom designs.The double floating "T" opens the glove even more and offeres better puck absorption. Our Gloves have a big wide pancake style offering goalies our largest legal glove. The glove opens up for easy drying and and strap adjustments. the mechanical hinge and double break palm design lets us offer you an almost game ready catcher.  These are our Junior size catchers. 

Refuze Jr Pro Catcher


Refuze Jr Pro Catcher


Our Jr Refuze catcher is now available in a Jr Pro format

Our 2016 Pro version of the Refuze catcher has two performance enhancements. We install a deeper/wider 'T' system to provide a larger more open catch surface. The Pro model is a beefed up version the protective qualities nearly double the regular Jr version. 


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